Locksmith Henderson

Best Locksmith Tips for Business Security in Henderson

For many business owners, the security of their premises is extremely important because this is where they have invested and purchased assets. These assets including information as well as physical items, which if stolen, can significantly affect the operations of the company. At Top Locksmith Henderson NV, we make the following recommendations to our business clients on how they can heighten their security at the workplace.

Opening and Closing the Business

There should be at least two people required for opening and closing the business premises. This is possible if there are two separate locks, and each person has a key to just one of the locks. This type of system will dissuade a burglar who may try to steal the keys to gain access. It also minimises the possibility of one employee taking advantage of the business by stealing.

Use Electronic Safes

If you are in the sort of business that handles money on site on a daily basis, you need to install an electronic safe to keep your money. These are considerably more difficult to break into, and they can be set up for an alarm to be triggered in the event of attempted theft or break-in.

Strict Maintenance Schedule

For heightened business security, you should follow a strict maintenance schedule where all your door and window locks are checked for any damage. When an employee leaves, the locks that they had access to must be rekeyed, and new keys distributed amongst the other staff to ensure that there is an added level of security.

Use Deadbolts in addition to keys

Make sure that all the doors on site have deadbolts put on them on the inside. In the event of an attempted robbery or threat to security, it will be possible to protect the employees of the business further within the premises. This can be lifesaving, allowing time to call for help.


Although Henderson NV is a relatively safe place to live, every business should be prepared for their worst case scenario. Having the right locks in place will give the business an added level of security and the owners some peace of mind.